Buna Animal Hospital

Phone: 409-289-1690

Address: 34299 US-96, Buna, TX 77612

Website: www.bunavet.com

Year Established:

Type of Business:
Pet care and medical facility

How long has you or your business been in Buna?

The Buna Animal Hospital was built by Dr. Wayne Howell and started serving Buna in 1986. We took over the operation and purchased the hospital in 1993.

How does your business serve the community?

Dr. Kim said, “We provide medical and surgical care for pets and farm animals in Buna and the surrounding areas.”

What inspired you to get into this business?

Dr. Kim Foster said, “My lifelong ambition was to become a veterinarian. I was raised on a small family farm just outside of Texarkana, Arkansas that was passed down through the generations from my great-great grandfather and I had always planned to live and work in my community. Dr. Dennis planned to go into large animal practice after veterinary school and spent time working on three different dairies while in high school. He was raised in his grandparent’s small home town of Maud, Texas after his father retired from the US Army. After we married and decided to go into practice together, our goal changed slightly and we began to look for a place that we could live and work together, raising a family in a community similar to those where we were raised. While many of our classmates wanted to work in large cities, our values and priorities were more in line with small town life.”

What are your goals for your business?

Dr. Foster said, “Our goal is to provide affordable quality animal health care and be a part of our community.”

Is there anything new or upcoming with your business that you want the community to know about?

Dr. Kim said, “January 2018 is our 25th anniversary as residents of Buna, and it has become our home.”